CU Succeed for Teens

 CU Succeed is for Police Federal Credit Union of Omaha members age 13-18.

Open a savings account and save money for college, a car, and anything else you need! For members 16-18 you can open a checking account with your parent(s) as the joint owner.

Need a car loan? Call the Loan Department at 402-391-4040, option 1. You will need your parent(s) as a cosigner.

The credit union can provide you with lower rates and less fees on your accounts than at other financial institutions. We sponsor special events and mailings throughout the year on topics that interest you such as college, cars, career, and summer job hunting. 

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CU Succeed.

Credit Union Debit Cards Bridge Cash and Credit Gap for Teens hate asking for it and your parents hate doling it out. You want to have access to funds--but your parents aren't sure if you are responsible enough to handle a credit card. A Police Federal Credit Union debit card could be the answer. Unlike a credit card, which is essentially a loan to pay later, a debit card works the same as a check or cash, and deducts money from your share draft/checking account immediately. Everyone learn to be a responsible money manager and your parents won't have to drain their wallet every time you need cash.

Money Management Budget Work Sheet
Money management is a skill that's never too early to learn. No matter how much money you earn, it's important to save and spend it wisely. And remember, sacrificing some short-term wants now will help you save the money you need to buy bigger things later. Track your spending with this Budget Work Sheet.

Finding a Summer Job
Before school is out for the summer, check with your high school Guidance Office and ask how they can assist with your job search. They may have postings for local businesses, for babysitting or for other part-time positions.

Next, tell everyone you know that you're looking for work. Speak with teachers, family, coaches, friends, parents of friends - anyone and everyone you can think of - and ask for help. Most jobs are found through referrals and people you know are often happy to assist.

How about starting your own business? Consider your own skills and interests as well as the needs of the local economy where you will be spending your summer. Possible ventures include babysitting, lawn mowing, house painting, designing and marketing T-shirts, caring for pets while people are on vacation, car detailing, etc.

Here are some more teen job search tips that will help you find a job - fast!

Online Job Searching
Start your online job search by visiting the sites that focus on teen job opportunities. Searching for example, by type of position and location will generate a list of openings. There's also a list of national employers that hire part-time workers. Enter your zip code and how many miles you're willing to travel into Unicru's search engine and it will give you a list of jobs that meet your requirements. Check the part-time job sites as well. That way, you will review a broad spectrum of potential opportunities and you'll be able to decide what sounds most interesting to you.

Employers in fields like retail and hospitality often are very interested in hiring teens and are willing to provide training. Search by the category of employment you're interested in. This will generate some more leads.These types of employers often don't advertise, so check with the stores or restaurants in your town to see if they have openings.

Don't forget to check the local jobs sites for your city or state, as well as the Employment Services job listings and the Help Wanted ads in your newspaper. Small local papers usually have listings too.

Teen Job Interviews
Make  sure you dress appropriately, are ready to complete an application, and are prepared for an on-the-spot interview. Good luck on your job search!

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